Best SellerMonahan Partners assembles wood, metal and fiberglass mopsticks. We offer a full range of metal and plastic attachments for both wet and dry mops. We sell the component parts for self-assembly. Monahan Partners offers popular plastic and metal janitor quick changes/stirrups, gripper (jaws), plus household and janitor size spring and levers. And for dust mops we offer nylon slide connectors and a patented flexible connector. Other popular products are dust mop frames and heads (in 3 1/2 and 5-inch widths) including cotton, colored cotton, colored synthetics, disposables and microfiber dust mop pads with a velcro backing as well as wedge mop heads and frames.

Monahan Partners also sells broom braces, industrial T-bars, plastic/wire connectors for layflat mops, twist mops made with cotton yarn, microfiber yarn, and non-woven strips, microfiber yarn wet mops, both metal and plastic hinge sponge mops and fiberglass handles with swivel cap and thread.

Brief History: Monahan Partners was spun out of The Thomas Monahan Company in December 2010. Formerly, a division of the family business, Monahan Partners continues a long history of great service.

New Developments: Monahan Partners sells a popular, made in USA, economical, patented lobby dust pan and is a leading producer of fiberglass handle mopsticks.
Monahan Partners